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Our Approach

Recruiting the right people, Developing them to be able to give their best and Retaining your employees are becoming the fundamentals of good management. This is where A2O People can help utility and construction businesses to excel, providing a local and more diverse talent pool and unlocking the potential of your employees.

Benefits Of Our Approach

The benefits of our approach can be evidenced through:

  1. Providing our clients with a competitive advantage in sourcing the best candidates - utilising our extensive networks in the utility and construction sectors
  2. A focus on attracting passive candidates – an increasingly important factor as the nuclear sector looks to source talent from other regulated industries. 
  3. Hiring the right candidate - understanding the role specifications and the cultural fit requirements of our target sectors.
  4. Reaping the benefits of diversity - sourcing candidates who employers may consider are being under-represented in their workforce and helping clients to achieve diversity goals.
  5. Building connections with the local community - integrating local services from the communities most impacted by construction and utility activities and helping our clients to achieve local employment and community outreach goals.
  6. Creating business environments where people can flourish - increasing the potential for our clients to hire and retain the best people.
  7. Increasing employee engagement - leading to happier and healthier staff, higher employee morale, job satisfaction and productivity, and resulting in reduced stress, absenteeism and employee turnover.
  8. Increased organisational effectiveness - helping leaders to become better equipped to manage a culturally diverse and changing workforce.  

What Makes Us Different - Going Beyond Recruitment

Purpose & values driven approach: We believe that by focusing on the success of all stakeholders, and promoting a purpose beyond profit, employees are motivated by feeling connected to the mission of the business. Providing opportunities to “make a difference” in local communities aligns employees with a deeper meaning of the business purpose, and helps create a values driven culture.

Diversity and inclusiveness: A key differentiator is our ability to discover high-calibre people by proactively searching deeper into local communities, and helping candidates recognise how their skills match opportunities in industries they may not otherwise have considered. Our partnerships with not-for-profit organisations, our focus on establishing strong community networks, our targeted events to attract applicants not currently searching and our innovative referral system allow us to reach out to sections of the community that would otherwise remain untapped. 

Community outreach: We provide opportunities for companies to make a positive difference in the communities in which they live and do business. This enhances employee engagement and places the business in a more favourable light with all of its stakeholders.

Aligning motives: A2O People are driven by the belief that the recruitment industry can serve its clients and society better. We take an approach that focuses on long-term engagement and staff retention. To ensure alignment with our clients best interests we motivate our team through non-financial rewards and establish targets that focus on customer service. We promote a culture of “giving back” through our referral and community outreach programmes. Our vision is to get businesses, employees and communities to work together, what we call “Together Making a Difference”.

Being the best, not necessarily the biggest: We have no aspirations to become the biggest company in our industry, but are passionate about being the best. By choosing to work with progressive clients, we are able to offer a truly bespoke, consultative service, offering an innovative long-term approach to resourcing and retention.

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