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Leadership Development and Coaching

Good Leaders and Managers aren’t born, they need to be developed and nurtured over time to gain the appropriate skills and behaviours.

Over the past decade we've developed a much deeper understanding of what drives human behaviours and business success but these new realities have not been fully translated into how Leaders run their Companies, Departments and Teams.

That’s why we have developed our range of Leadership Development and Coaching Programmes to provide the knowledge and support needed to implement best practices and build a strong leadership culture at every level in your organisation.

Our programmes are designed to address the key leadership issues organisations face in the Construction, Engineering and highly Regulated Sectors such as Water, Nuclear and Energy and are tailored uniquely for your organisation’s challenges making them a better investment over general development programmes.

While we have outlined our range of training and coaching services the greatest benefits are realised by implementing a long-term development programme which includes a structured set of classroom, on the job learning and mentoring / coaching supports throughout an employees’ development, from induction through each step of their progression in the company.

Leadership has to do with people and culture, creating an environment where people thrive at work, coaching, supporting, motivating and inspiring employees to do their best.


Leadership Development Programmes

We know that every person and business is different so we undertake an analysis of your needs and tailor the support programmes to your industry context, the specific challenges you face and the experience level of the group.

Contact our Leadership Development and Coaching Team or call us on 01278 732073 to learn more.


Leadership Development Training and Coaching Programmes

We offer 3 training courses and Business Coaching tailored to your specific requirements.

1.        Leadership Foundations

2.        Business Leadership Skills

3.        People Management Skills

4.        Business Coaching / Mentoring


Leadership Foundations – 1 day

The days when leadership was just about those at the very top of an organisation has gone. People at all levels increasingly require core leadership capabilities to foster greater contribution throughout the workforce.

These core set of skills should be developed early in an employee’s career and honed as they attain increasing responsibility. This course can be tailored to your apprenticeship and graduate programme and incorporate modules that look at your industry context and business drivers.


The Stages of Personal Development – Moving from a technical background into a Leadership role. Leaders vs Managers. The traits and behaviours of Leaders. The challenges of transitioning to a Leadership role.

Self-awareness - Identify your blind spots, individual strengths and development needs. Understanding your communication style and how your behaviours might impact on others.

Learning How to Work with Others - Emotional intelligence, leading with authenticity and understanding how to work with others more effectively.

Understanding your Business – The Industry context, your Customers / Stakeholders and the organisations Key Success Factors.

Strengthening your Commercial Acumen – Gaining an understanding of the commercial drivers and resource constraints within your organisation.

Ethics - Developing practical skills to be able to deal effectively with moral dilemmas at work.

Psychological profiling tools such as Insights Discovery ® Profile, Myers Briggs (MBTI®), 16PF personality traits or a 360 survey can be included if required to gain insights into your leadership style.


Who should attend?

The course is suitable for first time leaders, supervisors, graduates, apprentices and other personnel who are earmarking for taking on leadership or management roles.


Business Leadership Skills – 2 days

Developing the core portfolio of skills and key behaviours that Leaders and Managers need to successfully manage their Business, Department or Team.

Strategy Development - Market analysis, making strategic choices, understanding your business model and developing a Sales and Marketing strategy.

Crafting the Organisations Structure and Culture – Defining your existing organisational culture and subcultures. Understanding how to shape culture and the building blocks of how organisations are structured.

Managing Teams - Understanding how to Recruit, Build, Engage and Retain a High Performing Team. Learn how to establish collaboration with Partners, Clients and Suppliers.

Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making - Asking the right questions. Using frameworks to foster more effective decision making and techniques to influence and manage group decision making.

Persuasion and Influencing Skills - Establishing trust and credibility as a Leader. Leading with impact with colleagues and clients.

Commercial Acumen – Identifying how to increase Productivity, reduce Costs and improve Negotiation outcomes.

Delivering Business Projects - managing the expectations of stakeholders and using Project Management techniques to deliver projects on time, within budget and to specification.

Initiate, Drive and Lead Change - implementation of Strategic change and embedding Cultural and Behavioural change.

Each subject area can be expanded to provide additional depth. We can also mix and match any module from one of our other programmes to provide custom-made training specific to your needs. See our SME Business Support services to review additional modules.


Who should attend?

The course is suitable for Business, Department and Team Leaders who are responsible for managing the company’s or department’s future direction and achievement of business goals or those identified with the future potential for taking on leadership roles.


People Management Skills - 1 or 2 days

When managers get promoted based on their technical competencies they often need training and support to develop their people management skills. This course on essential people skills along with an ongoing coaching / mentoring programme is designed to make the transition easier and more effective. The course is also suitable for existing managers who need support in developing their people management skills or are experiencing particular people management issues.

Establishing the Right Culture. Defining your existing organisational culture and subcultures. Developing a culture and team behaviours appropriate to your industry. Recognising that cultural fit is important when it comes to hiring and retention.

Recruitment and Workforce Planning. Having the right number of people, with the right skills, at the right time. Determining the appropriate permanent vs contract staffing ratios. Employing effective attraction and selection processes. Developing onboarding practices that help new employees to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to become effective team members.

Building High Performance Teams. Facilitating the formation of new teams, as new members are added or problems emerge. Creating team alignment. Establishing collaboration between JV Partners, Supply Chain Companies and Internal Departments. Managing Multi-Cultural Teams and implementing a Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Improving your communication skills, giving and receiving feedback, and performance management.

Training and Developing Your People. Putting learning and development plans in place to develop new skills and behaviours in your team. Creating a coaching and mentoring culture within your business.

Engagement and Retention of Your Workforce. Understanding what motivates people and crafting engagement plans to support their success and retention. Implementing employee Resilience and Wellbeing initiatives to achieve high staff availability and productivity.


See our HR services for courses in HR management and additional HR support in areas such as compliance, HR processes, employee relations, reward, dismissal and redundancy.

Leadership is something that can be learned, cultivated and developed over time.

Contact our Leadership Development and Coaching Team or call us on 01278 732073 today to discuss where we can help you to achieve your learning and development goals.


Coaching & Mentoring

We can offer shorter-term coaching or longer-term mentoring support. The focus is on helping Business Leaders to step back and reflect, to gain clarity on your priorities and on what needs to change to achieve your goals. Coaches provide perspective and a safe place for dialogue to discuss concerns and test assumptions. Coaches can be a sounding board when making difficult decisions, helping to provide clearer thinking by cutting through the unhelpful ‘noise’ within. Where necessary coaches can help you to increase your self-awareness and articulate a focused self-development plan.

Our coaching team specialise in SME business coaching and have particular expertise and technical knowledge of the construction and utility sectors. We offer coaching and mentoring for individuals or leadership teams.

Coaching for Business Leaders – helping Leaders to achieve new levels of personal performance, deliver business goals, develop growth or cost reduction plans, or create a lasting legacy.

Coaching for New Leaders & Managers – supporting candidates as part of a succession plan, new Leaders and Managers in their first 100 days of appointment or high potentials as part of their development journey.

Coaching is not a simple “one size fits all” solution, it is as unique as the people giving and receiving the coaching. It is therefore important to spend the upfront time to get to know the person, the context of their organisation and understand the expected results in order to tailor the support to the needs of the individual.

A typical process might include the client and coach meeting to ensure the ‘chemistry’ is right and that the skillsets of our coach meet your needs. In our first meeting we will establish the coaching objectives or areas of focus. Coaching programmes will typically comprise around four to eight sessions over an agreed timescale, while mentoring support can be ongoing on an as needed basis. Psychological profiling tools such as Insights Discovery ® Profile, Myers Briggs (MBTI®), 16PF personality traits or a 360 survey can be included if required to gain insights into your leadership style.


To learn more contact our Leadership Development and Coaching Team or call us on 01278 732073.

Supporting You and Your Team to Learn, Develop and Succeed


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