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Are You Looking for a Job in the Nuclear Industry?

Nuclear Industry Jobs

There has never been a more exciting time for engineering and construction professionals to consider a career in the UK nuclear industry.  The industry provides the country with about 20 per cent of its electricity employing over 50,000 people at 10 operational power stations, 9 decommissioned plants and several other civil and defence sites. The emerging nuclear new-build programme adding up to 16 GW of nuclear energy and the ongoing decommissioning of redundant facilities is estimated to require an average of 10,000 additional workers per year to support construction activities and operation of the plants.

With the last nuclear plant constructed in the 80’s and early 90’s at Sizewell B, this has left a generational gap in nuclear construction skills. On top of the need to attract new people to the industry, the current nuclear workforce is on average older than the rest of the UK workforce requiring an increase in recruitment to reduce the effects of an upcoming retirement cliff.

Nuclear Job Skills Needed

There are a number of areas where skills development is most needed, these include engineers, project managers, safety case professionals, and project planners. There will also be openings for construction professionals including site supervisors and high integrity welders. In order to achieve the significant increase in the number of employees required, it is envisaged that people will move across from other industries as energy companies and their supply chain take the decision to broaden their recruitment criteria. For example, engineering and construction professionals from similar highly regulated industries, such as the oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, defence and other utility industries including energy and water, would have many of the core quality skills needed to succeed in nuclear.

Why work in Nuclear Energy 

For permanent employees the industry offers a competitive salary and typically a generous holiday entitlement, healthcare schemes, discretionary bonus plans and a package of flexible benefits, some still offer a final salary pension scheme. Competitive rates will be offered for contract employees. The sector provides a diverse variety of roles and once you are working in the industry there will be significant opportunities to progress and move into other roles that allow career growth.

Nuclear Job Opportunities for People already Working in the Industry

If you are already in the nuclear industry and are keen to explore opportunities in nuclear new build email us your CV at or register on our website. We are happy to offer a referral scheme that can help good causes or earn a reward for the referrer, if you have a colleague or friend who would be interested in nuclear job opportunities refer your friend on our website.

Nuclear Job Opportunities for People New to the Industry

If you are considering a move into nuclear from other regulated industries it will be important to understand the culture, context and challenges specific to the nuclear industry. Over the coming months we will be providing an overview of the nuclear industry which will help you to decide if the culture is right for you and help you to prepare for the application and interview process. If you email us your CV at or register on our website we will provide you with feedback on the opportunities for people with your skills and experience.

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